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​Everything about smell.

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iinioi® cloud

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quality management


Product development

Anomaly detection


Three reasons to choose iinioi® cloud


​Intuitive operation

It can be used without knowledge of AI or smell. You can use all smell AI with intuitive operation.

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Complete in the cloud

All solutions are available in the cloud. Just by accessing the cloud, you can solve your smell problems.


professional support

In addition to support related to the use of cloud services, smell specialists provide consulting according to your problems.

Product introduction

Measure, create, and communicate.

​smell sensor(Obre)

A smell sensor that can perceive smell as a whole rather than as a specific substance unit.

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​Smell AI

AI that can be used for everything related to smells, from distinguishing smells to predicting human sensations and creating new scents.


Up to 8 types of fragrances can be installed, and the spraying time and combination of fragrances can be selected.

AI Diffuser(Hearom)

Features of the iinioi® cloud


Anomaly detection AI

It is an AI that identifies abnormal smells. "Abnormalities" that could only be determined by smelling with the human nose can be easily determined simply by measuring the smell with a sensor.

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Sensory evaluation AI

An AI that predicts the human sense of smell. Evaluation terms can be set arbitrarily. Human evaluation can be easily predicted simply by acquiring the smell of the object to be evaluated with an smell sensor.​

AI that determines what the smell acquired by the sensor is. ​Simply measure the smell you want to identify with the sensor, and AI will predict what it smells like.


​Identification AI

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​Perfume AI

It is an AI that outputs a scent recipe when you enter a keyword that imagines the scent you want to create and its strength. It can be applied not only to fragrances, but also to herbal teas, spices, etc., as long as they are blended and enjoyed. ​From entering keywords to outputting recipes, it only takes a few tens of seconds.


Full customer support from smell experts

How to use the smell sensor iinioi® cloud ​Smell problems faced by customers, etc. We support our customers in all aspects.

​Customer's voice

​Customer's voice


​Quality Control Department

Food manufacturer

In quality control, there is a process where humans can smell very low-concentration offensive smells with their noses, and we were looking for a way to DX. By using a high-performance smell sensor and anomaly detection AI, we were able to perform efficient screening and significantly reduce man-hours.

Used services​

Smell sensor, autosampler, anomaly detection AI​


​New Business Division

IT company

For regional promotion, I wanted to express the difference in flavor of local specialty products in the form of a "flavor map". By using a smell sensor to capture the characteristics of specialty products and mapping them, we were able to create a flavor map of the specialty products. It became a new approach to tourists and was very useful for promotion.

Used services​

smell sensor


​Product Development Department

Daily necessities manufacturer

In product development, there were many situations in which smells were determined by the sense of smell of experienced engineers, and we were struggling with the quantification and handing down of technology. ​By having the sensory evaluation AI learn the senses of engineers, it became possible to roughly predict the evaluation results, and we were able to create a flow in which young engineers learn techniques while referring to the results. ​Evaluation results can be saved in the cloud, so it is also useful as a recording medium.

​Used services​

Sensory evaluation consulting, smell sensor, sensory evaluation AI

Media introduction example

Media introduction example

iinioi® cloud


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